What do we offer?

Past life regression

Past life regression is a technique we use to access your past lives or incarnations.  This is a holistic therapy that can help you to unlock issues in your current life, help you to remember why you are here in this life (your purpose) and can also provide healing for the mind, body and spirit.  Whether you’re just interested in past-life regression, believe the Universe has a lesson for you or you simply want to remember what your purpose is in this life, past life regression can be very healing, inspiring and also very therapeutic.  If this is something that you are drawn to and you want to awaken the real you, please contact Hypnotonic for more information on how we can help.

Anxiety & stress

Stress is a natural human experience that is designed to help us. It can be used positively, keeping us alert, motivated and prepare us for imminent danger. However, too much stress can make us chronically ill and lead to short term issues such as, headaches, stomach and digestive issues, anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, anger issues, weight loss/gain, tiredness/exhaustion. It can also lead to longer-term issues (physical, emotional and psychological).

Other stress related issues include:

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are very sudden and intense periods of fear, stress and anxiety.  Some people will know what brought on their panic attack and for others it will be unknown and very frightening. Panic attack symptoms are very similar to stress and anxiety but have additional cognitive symptoms such as; thinking you might die, feeling like you want to run away, feeling trapped, thinking you may be having a heart attack etc.


Anxiety is similar to stress.  The main difference is that our bodies do not wait for something stressful to react, our bodies are on high alert all the time (imagine the sentry/guard meerkat – he’s always on alert and ready to fight or flight at any moment).

Anxiety makes us “hyper-vigilant” so we can pounce on any danger immediately and short bursts can be helpful to us, but longer-term anxiety has the same impacts on the body as constant stress and can lead to long-term health issues.

If stress, anxiety or panic attacks are impacting your life and stopping you living the life you want, please contact Hypnotonic for more information on how we can help you.

Sports performance

Are you an athlete, footballer, runner, cyclist either competitive or amateur?  Are you struggling with motivation, returning from an injury or just want to take your sport to the next level and need that extra “oomph”?  Then Hypnotonic may be able to help you.  You see sport is “our thing”.  Not only are we qualified in hypnotherapy but our hypnotherapist is also qualified as an England Athletic running coach and a Yoga Alliance yoga teacher. We have worked with many athletes, both children and adults, to help them with motivation, returning from injury and gaining that extra "oomph" that was previously missing from their training. Sports performance has as much to do with mental ability as it does physical ability.  This may sound strange, but thousands of sports athletes have recognised the power of the mind and their mental state having a positive effect on their sports performance.  Now is the time to awaken your inner potential and achieve that winning mindset - contact Hypnotonic for more information on how we can help you.


Do you struggle to sleep on a night?  Struggle to nod off or stay asleep throughout the night? Does this make you tired and lethargic throughout the day?  Does your sleep issue cause you anxiety or stress? Then hypnotherapy may be able to help you.  Sleep is something we all need for our physical and mental wellbeing.  Lack of sleep can cause many issues including physical illnesses, increased risk of heart disease and weight gain.  It can also leave you feeling drained and unable to function mentally leading to stress and anxiety, depression and even anger issues.  If insomnia is impacting your life and stopping your living the life you want, please contact Hypnotonic for more information on how we can help you.

Confidence and self esteem

A lack of confidence or self esteem can leave us feeling stressed, anxious and unhappy.  How we think of ourselves has a huge impact on our daily lives and those around us and stops us living life to our full potential. Maybe you feel stuck with an abusive partner, maybe you find saying “no” difficult and feel like people treat you like a doormat, or maybe due to lack of confidence and shyness you’re just not living the life you want to lead.  If you want help finding the right partner, getting promoted at work, help with public speaking or just general confidence to unlock your own potential and uniqueness to reach your goals and become the person you have always dreamed of becoming… Hypnotonic may be able to help you.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help.


Smoking is addictive.  It’s also extremely bad for your health.  Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer as well as cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidney, bowel, ovary, bladder, cervix and also some types of leukaemia.  Not only can smoking shorten your life, but it’s an expensive habit that can also impact the health of those you love.  If you’re reading this you probably already know this and are looking for a way to stop.  You may have already tried all the old ways such as patches, gum, going cold turkey and nothing has worked.  Hypnotherapy may be able to help you quit once and for all.  The most important thing when giving up smoking is that you want to give up.  So, if you no longer get enjoyment from smoking and are motivated to stop for your and your family’s health, hypnotherapy may be able to help you. It’s time to start listening to the Universe and contact Hypnotonic for more information.

Weight loss

Losing weight can be tough, particularly with all the conflicting nutritional information and being constantly bombarded with so much information on food… and temptation.  The constant food and drink literally shoved down our throats from social media and advertising can just be too much for us not to be tempted.  Some people just struggle with body confidence and need a little help to love themselves more.  If you struggle with body confidence or struggle to lose weight due to comfort eating or stress, hypnotherapy might be able to give you that “jump start” that you need to take control of your weight and your life. Now is the time to awaken your inner potential and contact Hypnotonic for more information on how we can help you.


Hypnobirthing is a method of pain management that can be used during labour and birth. It involves using a mixture of visualisation, relaxation and deep breathing techniques.
Hypnobirthing can create an altered state of conscious awareness and involves learning techniques that you can use during labour such as; visualisation, pregnancy and birth affirmations, relaxation, deep breathing, self-hypnosis and mindfulness.
If you and your partner are interested in using hypnotherapy as part of your birth plan and want to know more, contact Hypnotonic for more information.

Fears and phobia

Hypnotic may be able to help you if you suffer from a fear or phobia which is stopping your from living the life you’ve always wanted to live.  Phobias we can help with include;

  • Flying
  • Agrophobia
  • Medical procedures (Dentists, hospitals, needles etc)
  • Animals (snakes, spiders, dogs etc)

If you have a fear or a phobia that you need help with that is not on this list, please contact us for more information on how we can help.